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 The AIMG Street Kid's Program was put in place to work with throw away children. Children that have been forced to leave there home for what ever reason, should not have to live on the streets.

 Our founder was one of those children, at birth he was taken from his mother by the state as she was UN-married. At three he was adopted to people that thought they could not have children of there own. At age six his adopted parents had there own child, they no longer had use for there adopted child. So they gave him back to the state who put him into foster homes.

 Foster care was not as good as people were led to think it was, so at age fourteen, and with no love from foster parents and being placed into home after home he had taken as much as he could of the abuse of the foster homes and ran away from them.

 From age fourteen he became a street kid raising him self as best as he could. The streets were harsh but it was still better than his foster homes he had been in. He never returned to a foster home, in reality he raised him self from then on, it was not easy as sometimes he did not get to eat for a day or two. Sometimes he got to sleep in what back then were called crash pad's and other times sleeping on heat grids to keep warm. Put him self thru school by studying all he could and at age eighteen he got his GED.


 At eighteen he joined the Marines (during the Vietnam conflict) he got an honorable discharge from the Marines and went to Broadcasting School finished it and started a new life.

 No child should ever feel that the streets are better than living in a home. Fact is there are many reasons kids turn to the streets to live. Be it parents abusing them, raping them, living in a loveless home, many tossed out to the streets by there parents because they are gay or Transgenders, but what ever the reason is they face a very cold and cruel life. Some end up killed.

 What we do is work with the street child and work to get them some place safe and where they feel love. Many fall thru the cracks, never have a childhood or have true love. Many run in packs to have someone that will help them and care for them.

 We need your help in a big way. We have people all over that work with these children. Who give them a hot meal, some compassion, understanding and into a safe place to live.

 Wont you help us keep this program going, a small donation would mean the world to getting a kid into a safe place and off the streets. We thank you for your much needed help.


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