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Any funds made in this campaign will be used for select merchindise chose by the fans! 

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Hello! My name is Blake Showers, I am a illustrator from Birmingham, Al. I'm 23 years old I have been working on different projects in my life but the one i have really been pushing for is creating my own manga


The name of it is "4strikes". It's about a kid that gets supernatural powers and fights demons. It is loosely based on my life and has problems that I've went thru about self esteem in my high school years and some times even now. I've had this idea since 2012 and finally I've been getting the art and story fine tuned enough to start producing pages! My friend Daniel Williams has been helping me edit my story and giving any drafting tools he has on hand.

. We have recently been putting the pages we have so far on Facebook and Webtoons.com. We have also had an amazing group of fans and supporters thru the project! We are so excited that people want merch from us so early in the game! Any funds made in this campaign will be used for select merchandise choose by the fans! Chooses include: Shirts, Hats, Keychains, Socks, Air Fresheners, Lapel Pins and more! The designs we use for this campaign will not reproduced after. So these are gonna be one of a kind merch!



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