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Support for Tera

Please help Tera out she is a wonderful person who needs support during this terrible time! 

  All funds raised will go towards Tera Wilson/medical funds
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I haven't updated on my cancer or much of my life lately... so, on my birthday, today seemed like the time.In early April I started a second course of chemo as the first course did not produce the results that we had hoped for. I was on a two week on, one week off, 8 round schedule. Almost immediately I started to retain fluids and was put on a water pill. Unfortunately this was not enough to combat the fluid retention an on June 29, 2018, my off week of the fourth round, I was admitted to the ER for low oxygen levels, fatigue and inability to fully use my extremities. I don't remember much of what followed but have been told the following: I was put into an induced coma due to respiratory failure the next day, June 30th. I was on ventilation until July 9th but did not fully regain consciousness until the following day. I was very confused when I awoke because I didn't remember anything past a certain point on June 29th. I remained in ICU until that Friday, July 13th, and was moved to non-ICU care. I was released from the hospital July 18th ( I think).All the things that I needed to relearn upon waking and within the following month? Talking. Swallowing. Use of my arms. Walking. I couldn't believe the loss of functions in such a short period.Unfortunately, less than two weeks after my release I spent another short visit of five days in the hospital for low oxygen levels. What I do remember is my daughter, my family, my friends visiting, talking to me while I was asleep and supporting me. I have not been on any treatment since as my tumor has been "stable". I do believe my oncologist is being cautious as he told me that he had only seen such an adverse reaction to chemo only once before and it is quite rare.


I still have side effects that I am dealing with and may never go away. I am unable to work. It is stressful, emotionally and financially.  It is always day by day now. I am grateful for what I do have: my family, my friends, my life.

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