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Surgery for Kylis

Please help support our efforts to raise money so Kylis, a 7 year ol Labrador Retriever, can get much needed CCL surgery on his right leg.  Thank you!

  All funds raised will go towards Payment of surgery bill.
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Full story

Kylis is my 7 year old yellow labrador.  Fifteen months ago we lost his daddy, my husband to pulmonary fibrosis. Kylis and I have been grieving and missing him terribly. Now that we finally have some snow, KK, has been loving playing in it. His legs, however, have not.  

While exerting a short burst of energy, he let out a whine of pain that I have never heard from him before, and immediately  pulled his back right leg up. He has not been able to put weight on it since.  The vet has confirmed it is a completely torn ACL.  There is no way for this to heal by itself.  A partial could heal, but not a complete.  

Five years ago KK tore his left rear ACL and we opted to go the non surgical route. It never healed properly.  The leg is weak and he has a permanent slight limp. With both legs weakened, his prognosis without surgery is not good. 

He is a large breed, and weighs 100 pound.  The cost of surgery is estimated at $4500.00.  Since losing my husband, I have become the caretaker for my elderly parents and pick up small jobs outside the home as I can.  I do not have the ability to afford this procedure without the generosity of other.  100% of all funds would be used to pay for his surgery.If you feel like you can help in anyway to help me afford this surgery for my baby, it would be tremendously appreciated. 

My husband and I were not able to have kids, and Kylis truly is my baby. He has been there to comfort me during this difficult time.  It is amazing how he knows just when to curl up with me, and nuzzle my face to wipe the tears away, or to jump on me to make me laugh. We both look forward to the walks we take everyday. Somedays its the only time I leave the house. I don't know how I would have survived losing my husband if I wouldn't have had KK to love and to need me.  

To be able to restore his ability to walk and jump and play, would mean to world to both of us. 

Thank you for considering helping us.

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