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Tips for a Successful T-Shirt Fundraiser

You have a cause. You have an audience. You have decided to do some good. Now what? We’ve created this handy guide with tips on creating and sharing your t-shirt campaign - all designed to help your fundraiser succeed.


Starting a campaign

Choose a cause that others can get behind.

People love to support causes, especially when they are passionate about it too. Having an audience will help spread the word.

Create an attractive design.

Your t-shirt design should relate to your cause and be something people will be proud to wear. You can upload your own design or create one in our design tool. If you still have a creative block, contact us and we can create a design for you.

Select an appropriate garment.

Most t-shirt campaigns do better if the garment is a basic fit and available in all sizes (Youth, Ladies and Adult). We recommend the Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton T-shirt.

Keep it affordable.

While people might be willing to pay a little more, knowing that the funds are going to a good cause, keep your price reasonable. People expect to pay about $20-$30 for a shirt at a retail store. Keep your price in that ballpark and you will be on the mark. To minimize the base cost, use a basic style t-shirt, only use 1 color in your art and only decorate the front.

Set a reasonable goal.

Inspire your audience with an attainable goal. Keep in mind that the t-shirt campaign only needs to sell 6 pieces in order to be printed, so your goal can be any dollar amount, but it feels better when you reach it.

Set a reasonable duration.

Give your supporters time to order, but not too much; typically, 2 weeks is best. However, if your t-shirt revolves around an event, make sure that your supporters will receive their order before that day comes. Allow 2 weeks after the campaign closes for delivery. If your event is less than 2 weeks away, contact us and we’ll work together to see if we can figure something out.

Tell your story.

Explain why you are running this t-shirt campaign and what you will do with the funds raised. Tell people how their support will make a difference. This can be done in the Summary and Full Story section of your campaign.


Running the campaign

Hit the ground running.

Buying the first t-shirt shows that you believe in your cause and encourages others to jump on board. Use this as an opportunity to tell people about your purchase, and how excited you are about your fundraiser.

Reach your audience.

Use social media and email to let people know about your t-shirt campaign. Tell them why you started the campaign, and what you’d like them to do (support the cause by placing an order, or share with their network to help spread the word, or both!).

Share your t-shirt campaign.

Here are some ways to get the word out that won’t cost you a pretty penny. Throughout your campaign, be sincere, open and honest.

  • Email: The best way to tell your story and get support is to email your friends and family, directly. People can also help by forwarding your message onto others.
  • Facebook: Post directly to Facebook from your campaign page. Post on relevant Facebook groups, fan pages and organization pages.
  • Facebook Events: Creating and inviting your friends to a free Events page is a great way to create a communication hub for your campaign. There, you can post pictures of your design, post links to your Ink to the People campaign and keep your supporters up to date on your fundraising progress. Encourage others to participate and invite more friends. Learn more.
  • Twitter: Tweet pictures of your design. Tell your followers about it, and link back to your campaign page. Use relevant hashtags including #TshirtsForACause.
  • YouTube: Post a video of you telling your story and why you started a campaign. Post it on Facebook, too. Be sure to post a link to your campaign page on your video page so people can easily contribute.
  • Instagram: Post your shirt while it’s for sale. Post photos of you and your supporters wearing your t-shirt. Use relevant hashtags including #TshirtsForGood.

Don’t forget about:

  • Pinterest
  • Blogs
  • Tumblr
  • Google+ and more.

Let Us Know.

We want to see your campaign succeed. Mention Ink to the People in your posts, and chances are we’ll help you spread the word through our own Social Media networks. Find us at:

Be persistent.

Post on your Social Media channels more than once, throughout the duration of the fundraiser. Posting 3-4 times per week on Facebook, and daily on Twitter will keep your campaign in the minds of your community. Be considerate. Posting too much will annoy your audience. If they have contributed, thank them right away.

Things to talk about:

  • What does the cause mean to you?
  • How will their support help the cause?
  • Remind them that you need to sell at least 15, otherwise the orders are cancelled.
  • Follow up with your group, ask for their support.
  • Announce when you hit your goal, or perhaps when you need 1 more sale.
  • Let people know that the fundraiser is closing soon and that it is their last chance to order.

Be available.

Reply to questions and comments. If someone reaches out, make sure you answer. DO NOT ignore people. If it is something only we can answer, please let us know and we will get back to you.

Generate urgency.

It’s the home stretch. The final push. A couple days before the campaign ends, remind your audience that time is running out. Reach out to your network and ask for their support with a purchase or a share.

Finish strong.

This is your big moment. It’s exciting. On the last day of the campaign, tell your network that it is their last chance to purchase. Post a few times on Facebook and keep your audience up to date on the status of your fundraiser.


After the campaign

Announce the totals.

Tell your supporters how much your campaign raised for the cause. Remind them how that will make a difference. Let them know that we are now producing the items and that they will be delivered in about 10-14 days. They will receive an email with tracking info when we ship them out.

Thank your supporters.

A kind word means a lot, so show your gratitude to the people who stepped up and supported your cause. They will appreciate your sincerity.

Receiving the funds.

Pending any returns or cancellations, funds are sent out about 3 weeks after the t-shirt campaign closes.

No, thank YOU.

We know you have a choice in who you use for your t-shirt needs and we are honored that you chose to use Ink to the People for your fundraiser. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ’s. And we’d love to hear your story and learn about your cause, so please send us pictures, notes and more!

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