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Team Chevy-2-2

Chevy Gray was recently diagnosed with a rare Ampullary Cancer.  Surgery was performed June 27.  Discharged July 7.  Back in the hospital currently

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Full story

Chevy was diagnosed with a rare ampullary cancer the end of May.  We finally got over the shock of it all an accepted it and started looking on the positive side.   Surgery was performed  June 27 (he worked right up to the day he went out withthe help of our 10 year old son)  Surgery went well, first couple days out were really rough for him pain-wise.  Once the pain was managed he started making progress, walking & moving around and finally after a week with no food he was able to start a clear liquid diet before stepping up to food just to make sure he could handle it.  He even managed to walk to the hospital gift shop with our son an picked out a Anniversary gift for me.  (Our Anniversary was 3 days after his surgery)  We were discharged Saturday, July 7.  Chevys friend, Timmy and his family, came up to give him a ride home -anticipating that the Wrangler on I-40 would be a rough ride.  We get home an of course, Lunchbox is ecstatic to see him and didnt leave his side the rest of the day.  On Sunday - started out decent.  Some friends came and helped with yard work, i was catching up on some much needed house work.  Than about 5pm, one of his drains started gushing blood.  I called an amulance an they took him to Annie Penn.  He had lost ALOT of blood an had to have a transfusion.  I met him up there, after being forced to pull over by the 2 sheriffs & than receiving a speed controlled escort.  (Thank the lord -no ticket)  When i was allowed back to see him an talk to the doctor they had controlled the bleed and contacted Baptist - who said to bring him there ASAP.  No ambulance was available  (small miracle) so he was airlifted.  I ran home, got our son an headed back to Baptist.  They wouldnt allow Matthew back in ER because of his age, but the lady at the reception desk offeredto keepan eye on him while i went back.  (Wonderful woman)  The discharge doctor met me back there an told me they were about to send him to CT to find the source of the bleed.  While waiting,  he started bleeding again.  We got him stable - another transfusion and then they took him back to scan.   I went out to check on Matthew,  an Timmy was out there with him.  (Another blessing)  After his scan, they called me back.  He had a tear that got bigger due to pancreatic enzymes leaking through, eating away the vessels. Interventional Radiology was contacted because an angio needed to be done to put a stent in the superior mesentric artery, where the tear was.  They had to do this with him awake because his blood pressure was so low. That took about 3 hours, Matthew and I waited.  Than i found out they wouldn't allow Matthew in ICU, because of age.  So at 3am i end up taking him home so he could get some good sleep an made arrangements for his aunt Tammy to pick him up later. I turned around and came back to Baptist an have been here in ICU with him.   He has been able to video chat with Matthew.  He is getting better but they are keeping a close eye on him to make sure another bleed doesnt happen.  Once released from ICU, im sure he will stay for a little while longer.  

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