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Team Debbie fight for a cure

Our mother is fighting cancer and we want to show her that she’s not alone in this fight. Join Team Debbie and help support her through this battle.  

  All funds raised will go towards Travel expenses, food, bills, and comfort measures.5
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Full story

Debbie has had extremely rough time fighting Cancer.  At first the chemo symptoms were bareable.  She travels from Butler to Harrisonville every other week to have chemo infusions.  She spends 6 hours receiving chemo.  She is then sent home with a chemo pump for two days to finish her treatment for that week.  That was fine up until her 3rd round.  She was at home in her recliner with her chemo pump when all of a sudden she felt her leg getting hot.  Her chemo pump that was propped up on her leg was SMOKING!  She immediately picked it up and it leaked chemo onto her pants and chair catching them on fire.  She was able to pat the embers out and clamp off her pump so it didn’t cause her any harm.  Due to that she refused to go home with another pump.  She was petrified and I don’t blame her.  So they changed her treatment to a pill form.  That’s when everything went down hill.  Mom when healthy barely weighs 120 lbs.    She started not being able to eat much to not eating or drinking at all because it made her nauseated.  Fast forward to this past week where she visited the er several times to get iv fluids.  Unfortunately she ended up getting rushed to the hospital by ambulance because she was so weak and had depleted all her potassium.  She spent 3 days in the hospital then found out she had gotten colitis on top of everything else.  She was then transferred to Research where her doctor is able to keep an close eye on her and get the proper antibiotics for colitis.  Due to this they are stopping her chemo completely.  We are waiting for her to regain her strength so she can take the next steps in beating Cancer.  She will have to undergo surgery to remove what’s left of the cancer, fix her aortic aneurysm and have radiation.  She has a long way to go still.  Show your support and join Team Debbie and help her beat cancer for good.  

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