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The Crazed Haven 1-2-2

Over 150,000 kids are in lock up, from age 10 to 18. Each metropolitan area has the capability to help these kids locally, I have an idea.  

  All funds raised will go towards Filing for non profit status with lawyer, website, setting up business model.
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I have been in many systems in my life. Each system was underfunded, and understaffed. Those facts

breed overworked staff, and neglected patrons. While the outcomes for kids in lock up and foster care range from drug addiction, to homelessness, suicide, crime, jail, losing their own kids due to never having been taught how to take care of kids themselves, underage pregnancy, mental illness, etc. etc. One can plainly see on my patreon account, (For free), what some of the issues and solutions are, I'd like to take a more direct approach towards the solution, by creating a camp that pays proper teachers and tharapists to be available for a whole metropolitan area of kids, and educational videos to share will all who find them.

FORE MORE INFORMATION, https://www.patreon.com/RavenLikeALunatic


 Here is a break down of the age groups in suicide from 2014. I chose this year because it is one of

few stastistics that include the under 15 years old category. This number of adolescent suicides is still



10-14 yr olds.   425            The second highest cause of death in the age range.

15-24 yr olds.  5,079          The second highest cause of death in the age range.

25-34 yr olds.  6,569          The second highest cause of death in the age range.

35-44 yr olds.  6, 706         The fourth highest cause of death in the age range.

45-54 yr olds.  8, 767         The fourth highest cause of death in the age range.

55-64 yr olds.  7, 527         The eight highest cause of death in the age range.

65-74 yr olds.  Not sure, it simply may not be on the top ten list on the CDC website.



The total reported cause of suicide, which doesn't include intentional overdose of narcotics,

intentional car accidents, or anything else that may not APPEAR to be another form of suicide,

such as "suicide by cop", meaning someone provokes a cop to kill them, was 42,773.



Here is the information straight from the CDC



That was in 2014. Those numbers are rising, and expected to rise due to "trends". And that's just

in America. 


I truly believe that by restructuring these government and private businesses to actually help kids, and families, without out of pocket costs, we can build a model that could work with veterans, psych wards, rehab facilities, crime prevention through therapy and interaction, and prevent the statistics from continuing as they have been, which quite literally seems to be the continual destruction of American families, lives, and economics. 

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