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The Forgotten Generation-2

Please help support our eldrely in South Africa but purchasing a T-Shirt. The money raised will go to help feed, clothe and house those in need.

This campaign is closed. Send a message to the creator of this fundraiser and ask them to relaunch it.

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On a recent trip home to South Africa, I saw for myself the hardship that so many of our elderly are facing. It was very sad and heartbreaking to witness. If we don't step up to help them, who will?

Please support this cause by purchasing a T-shirt to help feed clothe and house our elderly.


.... if you had only a few hundred rand to spend on basic necessities for the entire month?

Would you buy the blood pressure tablets that keep you safe from a heart attack (R800) or fill a supermarket basket with bread, milk, tea, some fruit and vegetables and the cheapest chicken cuts? This is the impossible decision many elderly pensioners face.  

Rising prices – coupled with an old age grant that increases by less than R100 a year – is making it more difficult for seniors to afford both food and medical care. Let alone replace worn out shoes and clothing ... or even buy soap, shampoo, deodorant and other personal hygiene products.

Sadly, many sacrifice food rather than do without other necessities.

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