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Theo's Village!

Our original campaign was for a 5K Epilepsy Run and now the campaign is being extended to give all of Theo's Village an chance to wear his gear! <3

  All funds raised will go towards resources for families battling epilepsy
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Our 14 month old son, Theo is truly one in a billion, as he is carrier of a rare genetic disease called TBCK. With only 20 known cases in the world, he is what the medical world calls a "zebra". He battles epilepsy, cortical vision impairment, hypothyroidism, and severe hypotonia. The journey has been a long and winding one with lots of bumps. Yet, our village has been there for every turn. We lovingly call our community "Theo's Village". The continued love, support, and encouragement has been the greatest gift of our lives.

Since our village has been so essential to our first year parenting Theo, we recognize that not everyone has the same village. In response to the need for community, our hope is to use the funding from this campaign to help fund resources for families battling epilepsy. An ever-moving target, epilepsy can complicate every angle of life: trial and erroring medication, keeping up with therapies, and frequent hospital visits can make life challenging. Our hope is to use the momentum and care we have from our own village and to pay it forward. We are thankful for your support in this mission.


(Note: There are a few different color options for the shirts. The official "color" of epilepsy awareness is purple and the official "color" for rare disease seems to be blue (or zebra because of being rare). That said, pick the choice that best suits you!)





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