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Don and I met in September of 2009 and had and quickly fell head over heels in love. We were both older and had never been married or had children. After we were married in 2012 we started trying to have a child only to realize that it isn’t as easy as it seems on television. We talked about adoption and how we wanted lots of children.  Shortly after we were married we moved to Dallas, away from our families and friends and started a new life together of fun and adventures. Little did we know the next 3 years would hold lots of struggles, heartache, and tears. You see, when you are little girls and you hear the fairytales, you never hear that you will not be able to have children or that the one thing God made women to do, you simply can’t. As soon as we got to Dallas, I sought out a physician to see about starting a family since we hadn’t conceived yet. She started me on fertility drugs immediately and I continued her treatment for three months. After not conceiving after three months she said I needed further treatment and sent me to a specialist in the Dallas/ Metro area. Fertility isn’t covered under insurance so we were hesitant but had put money back in preparations for a rainy day. After numerous tests and TONS of prodding, we finally had a plan with this new fertility that we just knew would work. Month after month, shot after shot, test after test, night after night of crying we still had nothing. Why us Lord? Why would you not want us to be parents? We have so much love to give a child. My husband would be such an amazing father. God, suddenly answered our prayers and we got pregnant in July 2014. We were overwhelmed with happiness. Our doctor told us that is was Gods doing, not his. When you a high-risk fertility patient, you go see the doctor weekly until you are released to your OBGYN that referred you over to him/her. We were in our 11th week and went for our regular check-up at 9 am when the nurse told us that something had gone “terribly wrong and we would need to come back this evening to see the doctor.” I knew that we had lost our baby but I wasn’t ready to admit it. We went home and prayed, we prayed hard, probably harder than we ever have. We went to see the doctor at 5 and the office was closed, he was very kind and knew that we would be very emotional. He confirmed that we had lost our baby. He expressed his sympathy and couldn’t explain why I miscarried. He then gave me a prescription for the drug that was supposed to make my body abort the baby. After a week, nothing happened other than terrible pain, so he had me take it again but still nothing so then he moved on to a D&C. This procedure should’ve only lasted about 15 minutes but the baby had burrowed into the uterine wall and the doctor couldn’t get it out. He was in there for an hour and a half and I ran the risk of bleeding to death. He said I had to get chemotherapy injections to have the baby come out at this point. I was devastated. Not only had I lost my child, I couldn’t move on from this because I still had this baby inside of me. Why? What did I do to deserve this? For two weeks I received chemotherapy injections and finally the baby came out. I could finally move forward and heal both mentally and physically. Don and I were both emotionally wrecked but this had brought us so much closer as a married couple. He was my rock at my darkest time. After about a year’s time, I was ready to move forward and start talking about possibly trying again to have a child. I knew that we needed assistance so we talked about the possibility of IVF. We made an appointment to speak with the doctor about the cost, medicines and what all is involved. The next thing you know we had a date set for IVF and the medicine was on our kitchen counter ready to start. 12 days of injections, some twice a day, some in the morning, some at night, it is very intense. Ultrasounds every other day and then your egg retrieval that you hope yields a good enough amount to make good babies. Fast forward to transfer day, we had 3 awesome “embies” as they call them, ready to transfer and we were ready to go. Don was all suited up in his bunny suit and bonnet, I had a full bladder, and back we go. I was on the table literally ready to accept the transfer when the screen to watch the transfer went blank, the embryologist screen went blank and over the loud speaker they ask the doctor to come to the “lab now”. The embryologist had hit the petri dish with her hand when trying to collect the specimen and lost all of our embies but the one that she had already collected into the syringe. ALL WAS LOST!!! All the money we spent, the time we had put into this, everything, GONE.  The doctor was clearly upset but had to hope for the best. After two weeks of waiting I found out that the embryo didn’t take and the IVF wasn’t successful. We were given the option to go through another round on the doctor or get a refund. I decided that I wasn’t emotionally able to go through it again.  I always knew that I wanted to adopt and this was my sign that it was time to do so now. After some time off from everything and just relax we decided to reach out to Gladney Center for Adoption. I feel like this was meant for me this entire time, and all of this was just part of my story. I have come out of all of this so much stronger. I feel as if God put me through it because he knew that I would be able to pick myself up, brush myself off and turn it into something wonderful. I know that Don and I will be amazing parents and we thank you for taking the time to read our story and help us find our baby Peppers. 

                             Thank you in advance for your donation,


                                                   Don & Candace 

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