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Top me Off

My name is Phoenix Winters and I’m a 22 year old trans masculine/ non-binary person. Help me on my Journey to take the next big step to top surgery

  All funds raised will go towards Top Surgery
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Hey all! 

My my name is Phoenix Winters and I’m a 22 year old trans masculine/ non-binary person. I live in Milwaukee, but I’m going to travel to Michigan to have top surgery with Dr. Kenneth Wolfe. It’ll be a double incision with no nipple grafts as I plan to get a big chest piece to cover the scars and where my nipples would be. Unfortunately, Dr. Wolfe does not accept insurance. As I am currently living paycheck to paycheck, I’m seeking help to finally get top surgery to relieve my chest dysphoria. I don’t have a surgery date yet as I have my consultation soon. 

I have been on hormones for about or about a year and a half now, and would love to finally not have to bind everyday of my life. It’s painful and leaves my chest very sore after I take my binder off. This surgery would relieve both physical and psychological pain I go through on the daily. 

I came out as transgender in 2017 after I finally had the language for my identity. I always had the feeling that I didn’t quite fit in the male/female binary and lots of resources helped me identify myself comfortably. I’m very content with how hormones are evolving my body, but top surgery  would make me even more content with my body. 

Im asking for $5500 as Dr. Wolfe charges $5400 without nipple grafts. This doesn’t include prescriptions, so I added the extra $100 to cover that price. I will also be paying for the drive there, and lodging once post-op. The remaining $500 would be for lodging and travel as it’s 6 hours away from milwaukee. 

I really appreciate any/ all support I get from y’all. It means a lot to know I have people supporting my journey to happiness. I love y’all!

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