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TrapKing Movement 3

Help the King spread the word of Trap Neuter Return as we continue to aggressively making TNR, compassion, and community cat care the thing to do!!!!

  All funds raised will go towards Cat surgeries and TNR education
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TNR has been around before I myself was born and if you can believe it or not, a man in animal rescue dealing with cats is still rare.  A 38 year old ex military black man in animal rescue dealing with cats is damn nearunheard of!!! My intent? To change the stereotypes of men in animal rescue; it’s not a woman thing, it’s not a white’s compassion and a human thing.  If my mission is successful, it won’t be rare to see more compassionate men and black people involved in care, ideas, and support for our community pets.  

TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is a process in which stray cats are trapped or caught, taken to a shelter where the cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and returned to their colonies.  In some cases when cats are friendly, they can be adopted through adoption places like Java Cats Cafe in Atlanta.  TrapKing asks for help and has fund raisers because we pay for these surgeries; our main goal is to educate and make TNR more relatable to communities that over the years haven’t received the message as well....maybe it hasn’t been cool, maybe there needs to be someone to show that cool points aren’t lost for compassion but in any event, TrapKing will change the culture and add to the efforts of the amazing women that taught me and that have pushed TNR to what it is today!!!!  

In a lot of ways my edgy approach is looked down upon; the language isn’t always favored but I hope that people can understand that one of the challenges we have had in TNR and animal rescue is the outreach not reaching out to everyone.  I plan to bridge that communication gap and make more people aware of what this Trap Life is all about.  This is something that’s good if you like cats, and it’s good if you don’t like cats.  More importantly I love these damn fur balls and I’m not stopping so join the team, support the King, and lets do the damn thing! 




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