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Trapking PRIDE-3

TrapKing is about embracing everyone. It important that all of us are represented in a way that promotes positivity, support and love. 

  All funds raised will go towards TNR surgeries and supplies
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Organization Page: Trap King Humane Solutions

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TrapKing is a nonprofit, using TNR (Trap Neuter Return) as a focal point will assist, educate and service communities on proper care of feral cat communities.  TNR is the only alternative to euthanasia (death) for feral cats and is a humane solution for cat lovers as well as those that would prefer not to have an overpopulated cat community.  With a never done before, unique approach, TrapKing looks to engage more men and black people in animal rescue as well as hell service the tough areas that aren’t as aware of how much help and support their local shelter offers regarding feral cats.  


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