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I am trying to raise money to get back to florida, my voter resgistraion state, before this coming November 6th, 2018. It's a tight race for REDWAVE. 

  All funds raised will go towards Travel to Florida for Primary Elections NOV. 6th 2018
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I hope to get back to FLorida for the comming election in Fla. If you can assist me by purchasing a shirt it would be a great help. Im having a tough time and really need the funds to fly there in November.

This is a crazy time in the county and i want my vote to count. since Florida will be a tight race, i feel the importance of being there.

thank you for helpin create the redwave.

about this shirt. An artis friend of mind and i were thinkin how people are not respecting the flag and our president so we thought o the saying from the 60s, Love it or Leave it and did a drawing of trump. its a cool idea for a shrit and its so true. 

add this to your collection and have an original t-shrit.


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