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I hope you love these sweet T-shirt’s/crewnecks! All funds go towards my tuition for ministry school. This means so much to me, I hope you love them.

  All funds raised will go towards Ministry tuition
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Hey guys :) so “Nothing Else, Just Jesus” stands for simply what it says. It’s very self explanatory but it’s easy to make it not simple. In my walk with Christ I’ve learned (and still learning) that in order to walk in wholeness and obedience and intimacy with God, I must ONLY let HIM determine and take control of my every being, nothing else. So everyday is a constant laying down of myself, being free from myself, being free from man, and being free from this world. This is an everyday thing, an everyday surrender. And in my journey so far, that’s what this saying means to me & how it goes into my everyday life. With that being said, this gives a good idea of what this T-shirt may mean to some, it may mean something completely different to you. And I bet you it’s so beautiful! With that of a backstory here’s my reason for selling these shirts and sweatshirts; So, about a month ago I got accepted into a ministry school in Redding, California called BSSM (bethel school of supernatural ministry). For so long I have wanted to attend this school, and have really prayed for it! If it be Gods will. I am so honored to have the chance to go here. And I honestly still cannot believe that God has opened this door for me to walk through! It is insane. And I’m so excited to grow more in Him in intimacy and obedience, living a life laid down at His feet. I decided to start this campaign by selling T-shirt’s & more that stands for something I believe and live by! To help raise my tuition for this school. I hope you love it and thank you for supporting me!

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