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WAM Project

To facilitate A Successful Transition For female Vets to A Civilian Life Filled With Hope & Purpose.  Mentor, inspire and empower 

  All funds raised will go towards Your donations are critical to our ability to help female veterans transition from active duty.
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The WAM Project is a nonprofit for women veterans by women veterans and is a proud member of the GallantFew, Inc. family of organizations. Nobody understands women veterans more than other woman veterans.

We are loyal and committed women empowering other women. Our time on active duty is over, or coming to an end, but our camaraderie does not need to stop. We understand where you’ve been, we want to meet you where you are, and we will be here until the end.

The WAM Project is here to assist in your transition from serving in our military to thriving in civilian life.

What Does WAM stand for? Women With A Mission – We are women Veterans continuing our mission to serve our country and community by guiding and being there for our sisters in arms. Just because we have finished our service in the military, does not mean we stop being a family. As the director and Marine veteran myself, I have continued to uphold its core values – Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

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