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WHS - The Road to Happiness

Anyone who has rescued a pet knows the unbreakable bond formed with their adopted friend. So help other animals find that same joy! Buying this shirt supports the largest animal shelter in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Humane Society. They help thousands of pets find new homes every year and never euthanize due to capacity or length of stay.


As the largest shelter in the state, the Wisconsin Humane society helps secure over 10,000 adoptions per year. But their mission doesn’t stop there. WHS is heavily invested in neuter/spay programs, performing over 9,000 surgeries last year. They also offer public education and assistance programs, helping build a community that loves and cares for animals.


Why should you support WHS? Because they depend on it! Wisconsin Humane Society is fully funded by donations and fees from services and retail shops. They receive no government assistance or funding from larger organizations. Every dollar helps save more lives, feed more pets and create more lifelong friendships.


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