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C.A.V. .org Start-up

"Improving the Lives of Veterans and Their Families" is truly our MISSION. To achieve this mission we need YOU to support our start-up campaign. 

  All funds raised will go towards "IMPROVE TE
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I, Garry Brewster, am a U.S. Army Veteran. I served in peace time, and my love, respect, gratitude and appreciation for all the men and women who have served and who are serving our nation is immense. It is ten to a hundred fold for those who served in conflict and/or war. God bless them and their families.

As a nation, a land of the free, one in which we enjoy safety and security, one in which we can prosper and be happy, we each owe our veterans the same love, respect, gratitude, and appreciation. This said, our mission is dear to each of our members, staff, and volunteers,

Our campaign is starting now in Cincinnati, Ohio with plans to expand to every county in the U.S. with your support and the commitments of thousands of veterans who wish to serve their fellow veterans and their families to improve their lives.

Our MISSION includes various OPERATIONS. The overall plan is to provide food, shelter, employment, transportation, clothing, housing, and a national 1-800 type "Vet-2-Vet" hotline, that operates 24/7. A hotline that vedterans and their loved ones can call and talk directly to a local veteran "Comrade". A local fellow veteran that is instantly a friend and there to provide assistance in any of the above forms or to prevent suicide or other harmful acts from happening or harming these veterans and their loved ones.

The Coalition of American Veterans Organization, (registered in Ohio and with a Federal EIN Number, and soon filing for 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status), is a nonprofit organization committed to our MISSION. If this start-up campaign as a whole is successful, we will be able to commence with our OPERATION: FOOD DROP and OPERATION: SHELTER this Summer. If volunteers contact us via our website or e-mail, (, we should also be able to expand in their home counties with their own start-up campaigns.

CAV IS NOT IN COMPETITION WITH OTHER VETERAN GROUPS OR NONPROFITS. In fact, it is our goal to work harmoniously with every such grouip and organization as well as governmental agencies to maximize the benefits and assistance for every veteran in need.

No one is more deserving of our support, than our Nation's veterans. Their service and sacrifices entitle them to receive our respect and gratitude. PLEASE support this cause and organization. We will post all financial information in our website for full transparency. Please visit our website: now for more information and to make direct donations.

                                                     THANK YOU,

                                                                      AND GOD BLESS AMERICA AND YOU 

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