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Zenith PTSD Awareness

At Zenith we want to spread PTSD awareness, break the stigma surrounding it and empower those living with it to walk in healing and wholeness.

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As someone who deals with PTSD herself I was tired of people not understanding and getting judged for doing things that I couldn't help (ie. disassociating, getting easily agitated (irritability), etc.) including getting judged by those in my closest circle. I figured it is time to educate and inform those around me on PTSD to allow them to better understand me and others dealing with it. 


Though PTSD is most commonly associated with war veterans, anyone can be affected by it. In fact, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD than men. It is estimated that one in 11 adults in the United States alone will be diagnosed with PTSD during their time on earth.


We hope to provide veterans, sexual abuse survivors and those living with PTSD and families of those living with it with helpful resources and a community of support. In the far future, we hope to be able to open a health center that will provide those in our community a place to receive talk therapy free of charge.

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