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American Indian Movement Georgia




We work with all people in the community we serve, not just Native Americans.




  All funds raised will go towards All money raised will help the work we do in the community we serve
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The American Indian Movement—began in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the summer of 1968. It began taking form when 200 people from the Indian community turned out for a meeting called by a group of Native American community activists led by George Mitchell, Dennis Banks, and Clyde Bellecourt. Frustrated by discrimination and decades of federal Indian policy, they came together to discuss the critical issues restraining them and to take control over their own destiny. Out of that ferment and determination, the American Indian Movement was born.


When you do buy our t-shirt you make possible the work we do, Just in March 2019 alone we helped 30 people get out of homelessness and into housing. Also we helped 15 mentally ill people get into group homes and off the street. This is just some of the work we do all year long. We work for better education of children, getting people food and the list goes on.




So your not just buying a t-shirt from us, your helping our community we serve. So get one or more if you like. It is tax deductible, and they make great gifts as well. We thank you ahead of time for your supporting the work we do all year long.



We would like to thank you for your help with our fund raiser drive. 100% of your donation will go to the work we are doing, as all of us that work here are volunteers and no one ever gets a pay check. It is people such as you that help us keep working with the community we are serving. Again we would like to thank you for your help this year





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