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In 1989, two brother in-laws Jay and Todd founded an apparel printing company called Visual Impressions. As they built this business into the 100,000 sq ft. factory it currently resides in, they noticed that many of their clients were organizations and individuals buying batches of shirts for their fundraisers. As they fulfilled more and more orders for these fundraisers they heard stories and examples of groups ordering way too many or too few shirts, or getting caught with excess inventory no one wanted. This dilemma led to these organizations and individuals losing operating capitol and even worse, the loss of much needed fundraising revenue. This problem became a mission Jay and Todd wanted to solve... "can we figure out a way to make t-shirt fundraising simpler and more profitable"... even better, can we Make it Free to Use and More Profitable?

Well, it took two years to build and develop, but in early 2012 Jay and Todd launched InktothePeople.com with a simple mission: Make it free and easy for people to raise money online with custom t-shirts and other wearables.

For the last four years Ink to the People has done exactly that. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and organizations like you raise more than two million dollars for causes and charities that really mean something to them... and we’ve stuck to our mission: there’s never a cost or risk to start a campaign, there’s no inventory to hassle with, or any payments to deal with or shipping to manage. We literally handle everything for our clients. To further increase profits for our clients we do all of our printing work in-house, we never outsource or use outside sources for any part of our production... this enables us to guarantee the highest quality workmanship available and pass on all the savings to our fundraisers.

Since we built this site with you in mind, over the years we’ve listened to you and allowed your feedback to drive our improvements and updates to our site... like developing a simpler design tool to create your shirts, providing promotional tools to help you spread the word, creating customizable store pages to house multiple campaigns to increase your offerings, and now having the lowest minimum order in the industry to ensure you have more successful campaigns.

With Ink to the People, there’s no limit to your fundraising potential, and our passionate and knowledgeable staff have your back every step of the way. We are humbled everyday by the success of our clients and proud to have the opportunity to work on your behalf as you strive to make a difference in this world.

We are a Sustainable Company

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Ink to the People as well as our sister company Visual Impressions are truly passionate about the planet we live on, so we did something about. In 2013 we became certified as a sustainable printer and made significant investments into our recycling program and processes. We’ve also implemented an energy conservation program that has made a significant impact on our landfills. You can learn more about it HERE.

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