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How to Start Your Free T-Shirt Fundraiser


Start a Campaign

Use our simple design tool to create a custom shirt and explain your cause. Select a fundraising goal, launch your campaign and you’re ready to go.


Spread the Word

Share your fundraising campaign page with the world. Promote to your friends, family and supporters through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We even give you the tools and step by step guidance to succeed.


Collect Money

When your campaign ends, we’ll send you your earnings to an account of your choice electronically or by check.

It’s Fast, Easy and Hassle Free


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We’ll Handle Everything Else For You

  •  We Take Care of Payments
  •  We Take Care of Inventory
  •  We Take Care of Customer Service
  •  We Print
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Step By Step Guide To Set Up Your Fundraiser


Step 1 of the campaign creation process

Step 1

Design your shirt and set a price

  • Upload your own or create a design with our tools.
  • Select your garment style and color.
  • Set your price for the product.
Step 2 of the campaign creation process

Step 2

Select additional products

  • Select as many or as few as you'd like.
  • Think about what makes sense for your supporters.
  • Prices are automatically calculated.
Step 3 of the campaign creation process

Step 3

Tell the story of your campaign

  • Briefly explain what your campaign is about.
  • Tell people why it matters to you.
  • Ask them for their support.
Step 4 of the campaign creation process

Step 4

Select an ending date and a funds recipient

  • Campaigns typically run 7-14 days.
  • Funds can be sent to Registered Charities or individuals.
  • We can send funds though PayPal, or by sending a check.
Step 5 of the campaign creation process

Step 5

Enter a campaign goal and select your shipping options

  • You won't need to hit this goal for your campaign to print.
  • You can select to have all of the orders shipped to a single location.
  • Send your supporters a thank you message when they place an order.
Step 6 of the campaign creation process

Step 6

Preview your campaign page before you launch it!

  • Check over your page for accuracy.
  • Fix any errors or launch your campaign.
  • Have any more questions? Check out our faqs or contact us.

It’s Easy and Hassle Free. Start Fundraising Today!