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C2E2 fundraiser

Help us get to C2E2 next con season and help spread the word about Saviors of Gwerin! Issue 1 coming out soon!

  All funds raised will go towards Securing a booth at C2E2
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My name is Michael Woods and along with Michael Brewer, Javier Garcia, and a few others, we are creating the next great mythology starting with Saviors of Gwerin Issue 1, which will be out near the end of summer. 

What is Saviors of Gwerin?

Saviors of Gwerin is an epic sword and sorcery, sci-fi, romantic adventure set in the land of Gwer which is one of seven worlds nestled within Messier 81, also known as Bodes Galaxy. It will be told over 12 arcs each with 12 issues. Further stories set within Bodes Galaxy will begin coming out along side these starting around the middle of next year.

By helping me with this fundraiser, you are helping other indie creators and making the world a better place. Thank you.

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