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Diamond Cheer Fundraiser

Rasing funds to keep a child's dream alive.

  All funds raised will go towards Cheer Dues
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We have lived in our current area a little over four (4) years now. There are not many kids like my daughter; she is Autistic with processing delays and sensory disabilities. The children in our area have not always been so kind to her. We have gone from one school to the next because of bullying. Her love for learning was almost gone. When it came to extracurricular activities; used to help with socialization and vocabulary building, we have experienced less then welcoming experiences. Going from one activity to the next, her love for anything was diminishing. Last year we tried a new activity; a competitive cheer team, and the last six (6) months I have seen her shine, grow, and love doing things again has returned. The kids there treat her fairly and have welcomed her with open arms. They help her the best they can and include her in everything that they do. They have become the only people who have accepted her for who she is and not exclude her for her disabilities.

At this time funds are tight; especially with my job "revamping" and looking for a replacement, but in the meantime I do not want to take her away from her "Happy Place." This fundraiser will help keep her where she should stay and where she wants to be.
We appreciate you. Thank you for your time and donation.
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