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Juvenile Arthritis Awareness

Did you know that kids get arthritis too? Any money earned through the sale of these shirts will go to the Arthritis Foundation to find a cure.

  All funds raised will go towards Arthritis Foundation
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I have a personal reason for raising money for the Arthritis Foundation, my daughter Avry. She was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (aka juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) at the very old age of 5. She has undergone steroid injection in 3 different joints and a little more than a year of physical therapy due to muscle loss and locking joints. She took methotrexate, a chemo drug, for 3+ years. Although,  this kept her from having severe flares the side effects ended up being to much for her. She was taken off of her methotrexate due to severe side effects which included numerous mouth and skin sores.  She was also taking daily nsaids which caused stomach problems. She then had to start taking prilosec for the stomach problems. It is never ending. The nsaids were not enough. She had to begin taking oral steroids and I think most of you know the wonderful side effects those cause. She was finally able to get weaned off of steroids when insurance FINALLY approved her new meds. She is currently on a biologic which must be injected weekly. It burns, lowers her already weakened immune system, and the side effects are just scary. It just is not what you want your child to have to endure, but she is once again able to enjoy being a kid, although she can still overdo it and pay for it the next day.  We take this one day at a time.  She is such a sweet, strong girl and my hope is that she may one day be able to live a normal pain free life. I ask you to help us make that happen. Your help is greatly appreciated to help us find a cure for children like my daughter and adults alike. This is not just aches and pains it is an autoimmune disease and a cure is needed. Thank you!

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