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Hello Milwaukee, Hello Wisconsin and Hello World!

By Kim Brunner ([email protected])


The Ink Team is back in action, and with the warm, summer weather, the blue skies rolling in and the temperatures rising, we’re excited to share our adventures and experiences!

Last month, Ink to the People took part in The Wisconsin Humane Society’s Pet Walk at Veteran’s Park (check out some photos here). We thought this would be a great opportunity to reconnect with our local community, share how we make t-shirt fundraising easy, and meet all the doggos and dog lovers in Milwaukee! We wanted to participate in this event not only because we are crazy for pups, but also because we wanted to support our partners -- we have helped the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) raise $3,380.00 (and counting) through the power of selling t-shirts! Have a look at their apparel (all proceeds support the WHS mission).


Kim, Martha, Grace & Alli at the Ink to the People Tent

WHS started their own fundraising campaign on our platform, and their custom apparel helped them meet their annual goals, save more lives, feed more pets, and help give each loving pet a home. (Personally, I had the privilege of illustrating these custom designs! Give us a call if you ever need design help. Either Alli, our marketing director, or I can help!) Today, we still help and support WHS by keeping their storefront live (at no cost) with new art.

This years Pet Walk also featured the extremely popular WHS Annual 5k Run – hundreds of dogs and dog-owners united to run, jog, or walk a course set throughout Veterans Park! Man, what a sight (click here to see photos)! 👏🐕❤️🐩  

Many of you may have known the Pet Walk as “Tails on the Trail” in years past. As of last year, WHS acquired two new shelters (Green Bay and Door County). With Pet Walk’s already in place at both the Green Bay and Door County campuses, WHS set out to honor all the Pet Walks and offer consistency across all locations, the Milwaukee event has adopted the “Pet Walk” name! Congratulations to the The Wisconsin Humane Society for its growth and continued success!

Ink had such an incredible time talking about the website platform and fundraising possibilities! In an effort to connect with as many new faces as possible, we brought our spin-to-win wheel, and people had the chance to win t-shirts, mugs, or even tote bags. We also had a Raffle to win $250 of Ink merchandise. Jeanna Baer was the lucky winner, and she has her eye on some of our existing campaigns apparel. We also ran into our good friends with the Midwest Conservation Dogs – Sniffing for Science. Conservering Nature. Educating Communities. 

MCD is a non-profit organization which specializes in the power of the Canine nose detection! They are a powerful team that trains canines, works with other non-profits, as well as restoration ecology. Their most recent campaign on, "This Earth Day, help conservation makes scents!", raised over $500 to support their programming!

This Earth Day, help conservation makes scents!

It was great to see so many friendly faces who took an interest in who we are and what we do. The people behind Ink are t-shirt obsessed, fundraising facilitators that partner with individuals, businesses, and non-profits alike. Share your story and raise money for literally any charitable cause of your choosing.

For more information on how to start, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1.888.862.2755. Let’s #stopwishing and #startdoing together – visit

Every t-shirt tells a story, so share yours with the world today!

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