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Stand Out in the Crowd

As the kids finish up school and look forward to a summer of fun, parents are often scrambling to find ways to keep the kids entertained and occupied.

Day camps, sports camps or other organized activities and field trips are a great way to keep the little ones engaged, learning and having fun, while you’re at work or taking a break for yourself.

Kids Summer Activities - Zoo Field Trip

While the kids are off on their adventures, a great way activity chaperones can keep track of the kids is by having them wear matching t-shirts. Whether in a bright color like red or yellow (or even tie-dye!), it’s much easier to pick the kids out of the crowd when at a busy place like the zoo, fair, museum or park. For activities like soccer or other sports camps, active wear tech shirts are also available in kids sizes.

Matching T-Shirt Ideas for kids Summer activities

Matching t-shirts are also a great way to keep track of kids at a birthday party outing.

Either way, you can have fun designing summer shirts for kids’ activities to add a little creativity and fun.

Have the kids help you design them!

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